Democrat Businessman Rants….


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Free Rice…better vocabulary…

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Indiana Cell Phone Do Not Call Registration…

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Remember Me….

Video by Lizzie Palmer

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Time to move forward…

The primary is over and the blog has been purged of references to Candidate Wenning (they have been archived in case there is a need for them in four years).

Some observations of the primary:

Facebook friends and website “Likes” do not translate into votes.

Facebook comments by friends can be a liability. For example Goddard’s endorsement of one council candidate may have actually hurt the candidate, for everyone knows his singular interest is to stop the Airport CIP. His comments also linked the council candidate to the challengers Mayoral campaign.

Many voters still feel their vote is a very private matter.  When growing up, I never heard my parents discuss how they voted.  It was personal and confidential.  Apparently that is still true with many voters today.

Putting all your political eggs in one basket may not win an election.  Bill ran on the anti-airport platform, and most of his campaign’s energy was focused on that issue.  While the primary vote is not necessarily a referendum on the Airport CIP, it did show that other factors besides just the Airport CIP are on the voters minds. That being said, if everyone in Greensburg strongly felt the Airport CIP is a bad long term idea for the community, then logically speaking Herbert should have lost because his support of the Airport CIP has been unwavering.

To paraphrase one individual who stated the smoking ordinance brought down the last administration, and the airport will bring down this administration – campaigns built on false assumptions may not be successful.  I don’t feel the current administration won simply because of their stand on the smoking issue, and I don’t feel most voters are shallow enough to base their vote on one singular issue. It is also possible that a substantial number of voters understood the common council, not the Mayor, controls the Airport CIP purse strings. The truth has a way of getting out to the public.

What a person does is much more important that what they say.

Moving forward, we have two fine Mayoral candidates for the November general election. Based on documented public records available, both believe that Airports are an important economic development tools, both supported Lincoln Street, both are in favor of historical preservation, both support the development of the North Corridor Extension and both supported the Greensburg Comprehensive plan.

As for the other races, we will have to wait and see who the Democratic Committee appoints to run later this summer. If some good Democratic candidates are appointed, there could be some difficult choices in some of the races this fall. Many people do not vote straight ticket, and this fall may be one of those years.

The low turnout is disturbing, it is amazing that residents of our community with a vested interest are apparently willing to allow 20-30% of the registered voters the power to shape the future of our city.  That being said, 70-80% of the registered voters really don’t have the right to complain if they are not willing to exercise their freedom to vote.  But I am sure they will complain, perhaps the most loudly…meanwhile people in other countries are willing to risk their lives to vote and have an opportunity to be involved in the political process. Go figure….

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The voters of Greensburg made the right decision, the voice of the people is Gary Herbert.

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Since I often mess things up….

Every time I water my yard or garden, it rains within 48 hours, so….

I am going to do a rain dance today…

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Gary Herbert’s Campaign Committee

Bill Blasdell, Chairman (with help from Jackie)

David York, Treasurer

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See you at the polls…


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