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Lugar a RINO?

“Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar, the top Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee and one of the few in his party who support the deal, defends the administration’s negotiations with Russia, saying Obama’s appearance with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at the … Continue reading

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Learning WordPress

Just installed this software and am working through it…maybe I should have just read the directions first.

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Federal Income Taxes

Many Americans each year file federal income tax returns (1040) to┬áreceive a refund for excess withholding or to make a tax payment. On the current tax form, there is a box you can check to contribute to the “Presidential Election … Continue reading

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Hello world!

With all the news about the TSA, body scanners and pat downs: Humorous┬ásolution: Have the TSA hire male and female models to perform the pat downs and body searches, allow passengers to chose if they want a male / female … Continue reading

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